Genova Diagnostics

Please first read the information contained in the section “General Laboratory Instructions” before  continuing to read these instructions.

Nutri-Eval – This test has two parts, a “Patient” part and a “Clinician” one. The Clinician part is for Quest, to perform the blood draw component of the test. The Patient instructions are for you to complete, as they relate to the urinalysis you will be performing at home.

There is a lab slip for the kit we that we will give to you. Check to make sure it says “Pay Assured” at the top. We only do this test when you have insurance that will cover the test. Please complete all your contact information in the Patient Information section. Complete the Insurance Information section and include a copy of the front and back of your insurance card with the requisition form. Read the Pay Assured rules and sign the Patient Acknowledgement at the bottom. You must include payment for your co-pay when you submit the test to Genova; with either a check or credit card. We will tell you the amount to pay. Complete the Payment Information section. You must have met your annual deductible for Genova to accept payment from your insurance as payment in full.

The instructions tell you to discontinue  all non-essential medications, vitamins, minerals amino acids, etc. for 4 days before the test. Do not follow this instruction. Continue as you have been. Follow the instructions regarding collection of the urine specimen. Write your name and date of collection on each tube. The night prior to collection, place  the gel pak (You will find this in the test kit), in the freezer.  In the 24 hours before the test, reduce your intake of water to no more than 8-8 ounce glasses. Collect all urine during the first void of the morning and for the last 6 hours of the night into a clean container. Using the pipette provided, place urine into the three tubes until nearly full. Make sure the cap of the filled vials are tight after you place the urine in them. Shake the tubes to mix the preservative. Next, place the vials inside the biohazard bag and freeze for at least 2 hours, until you leave for your blood draw. Take the frozen urine vials and gel pak with you to the lab in the test kit provided. Place the date you collected the specimen on the lab requisition form where instructed. Give the entire kit along with the FedEx mailer to the phlebotomist. They will take it from there.