General Instructions for Performing Labs

Proper procedures and laboratory instructions will optimize your results and minimize invalid results. Genesis Health Institute uses only labs that are certified through a rigorous government process. Please read these instructions to ensure that you perform the tests correctly. Since many of these tests and the protocols they require are new to you, please feel free to call or email us with any questions.

Quest Diagnostics

We use Quest Diagnostics to perform phlebotomy (drawing, preparing and transporting of blood and urine specimens).  You may either walk-in or make an appointment, which is recommended. If you are doing a Glucose Tolerance Test, you must schedule an appointment with Quest. Making an appointment for other labs will save you waiting time. Quest performs two different services for us; in-house labs (This involves blood draws for services they perform themselves) and outside services. For in-house services you will receive only a lab slip from us that you take to the lab.  For outside services, you will bring the test kits we provide you to them and will also receive a lab slip from us, directing them to provide the phlebotomy service.  There are instructions contained in each kit that they will use when providing you the phlebotomy service. They will draw blood, prepare the specimens and mail them. They will charge you a service fee for performing these services. Quest requests that services for outside labs be performed prior to 9AM to allow them time to prepare the specimens before their courier arrives. Feel free to use any lab of your choosing, if you already have a relationship with them. Please make sure that they will perform a phlebotomy service, sample preparation and mailing.The following are the nearest to our clinic.

1411 Oliver Rd., Fairfield 707-421-1827 M-F 7AM- 4:30PM
183 Butcher Rd., Vacaville 707-451-8989 M-F 8AM-5PM
770 Mason St., Vacaville 707-446-7783 M-F 8AM-5PM, Sat 8AM-12PM
3260 Beard Rd. #A, Napa 707-265-8460 M-F 7AM-5PM

Tests performed by labs other than Quest require transportation to the lab. This occurs by Fed Ex, UPS or the USPO. All transportation costs are prepaid and all kits provided to you contain the pre-addressed, prepaid mailers (or are pre-addressed and pre-paid if they go through the USPO). They are all next day services, but to be absolutely positive that they are received prior to a weekend, we request that you only do the labs Monday –Wednesday. In other words, do not go to Quest or, if you are doing a saliva or urine test that requires no phlebotomy service- DO NOT collect and mail the specimens on Thursday- Saturday. (You may however collect saliva and urine samples on a Sunday and mail on Monday). Quest will mail any kits that you take to them. Kits that only require a urine, stool or saliva specimen (i.e.- anything other than blood) will be submitted by you directly to the USPO, UPS or FedEx in the prepaid mailer provided. The only exception to this is when a test requires both a urine and blood sample. You will prepare the urine specimen and take it with you to Quest.

In all cases when you go to Quest, we will provide you with a lab slip, instructing them what to do. We will instruct you whether you need to be fasting or not. If fasting is required, it means no food or fluids other than water for 12 hours prior to specimen collection. Water intake should not be excessive. If you are unsure- ASK US. It is a good idea to drink a glass of water within an hour of blood collection, and to not be overly cold. This makes it easier to find a vein.

Lab Kits

There are several labs that specialize in very sophisticated tests that Genesis Health Institute commonly uses.  Most allopathic physicians are unfamiliar with these tests, so you probably are unfamiliar with them. Since these labs cater to a select group of physicians, they offer physician discounts. Therefore, to help keep their prices low, they require physician payment at the time of receipt of the test. We have accounts established with these labs and pass on the reduced pricing to our patients. We may add a small fee for processing and interpretation, as understanding the results is a complex process. We use a software program designed for this purpose to assist us and reduce time and cost.

Laboratory testing services performed at the specialty labs we use require a little extra work on your part. Each lab kit you receive will contain specific instructions for you to follow and also for you to provide to the Quest phlebotomist that will draw your blood. Please make sure to read and that you understand the instructions before you begin the specimen collection process.  Each kit will contain a section for your name and contact info. Please complete this section. Unless insurance is being billed you do NOT need to fill in your SS#. There is also a part for us to complete, which we will do before we give to you. Some tests require that you discontinue supplements, certain foods and liquids prior to collection. Please ask us if you aren’t sure. Remember, read the instructions in the kit(s) provided for complete details.