DiagnosTechs Lab Instructions

Please first read the information contained in the section “General Laboratory Instructions” before ┬ácontinuing to read these instructions. DiagnosTechs lab tests are all salivary hormone tests. You do not need to go to any lab; you perform the test yourself at home and send the test kit by USPO Priority Mail on Monday- Wednesday only. Contained in the test kit is a two-sided instructions sheet. Please complete all the patient contact information requested in the upper right portion of the front of the lab slip. We will complete the remainder of the information on the front of the form. Please note the section in yellow. Please fill in the date you completed collecting the specimens and note that you refrigerated them. You do not need to freeze the specimens unless we instruct you to do so.

The kit you receive will contain 5 small specimen bottles, 4 with blue tops and 1 with a green top. Each blue-top bottle is labeled as to the time it is to be collected: morning, noon, afternoon and night. On the back of the instruction sheet, you will find the exact times you are to collect each of these 4 specimens. Please follow the instructions on the left side of the back page, under “Saliva Specimens”. You will also note there are some pre-test instructions on what not to eat in before or during the test. Fill the 4 blue tubes to the 5 ml. mark (fifth line) with clear liquid saliva (not with foamy saliva).

After you have collected the noon and afternoon specimens, pour 1ml. (the distance between two adjacent lines) of each into the green tube, so you have 2ml. in the green tube.

Write your name and date of birth on all vials.

Place the 5 vials in the test kit mailer and take to the Post Office. There is no postage required.