Access Medical Lab Instructions

Please first read the information contained in the section “General Laboratory Instructions” before  continuing to read these instructions.

Access Medical Lab is a physician discount lab that charges a fraction (usually about 25%) of what Quest does, for common blood diagnostic testing.  We will give you two lab slips; one labeled Access and one for Quest. The Access slip goes with the kit to the lab. Please complete the information contained in the upper right  portion of the lab slip,, under  Patient information. The second lab slip will be given to Quest. This tells them what to do. They will charge you a fee for the blood draw, preparation and mailing. Please make sure that you have the UPS mailer with you when you go to the lab.  Please verify with us if you are unsure whether you should be fasting. You should make an appointment prior to 9AM on Monday-Wednesday only.

Please download and print the form below, which provides instructions to Quest from Access and take with you to Quest.

Access Phlebotomy Instructions