Genesis Nutriceuticals FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What exactly is a “Nutriceutical”?
A: “Nutriceutical”, a term combining the words “nutrition” and “pharmaceutical”, is a food or food product that provides health and medical benefits, including the prevention and treatment of disease. Health Canada defines the term as, “A nutriceutical is a product isolated or purified from foods that is generally sold in medicinal forms not usually associated with food. A nutriceutical is demonstrated to have a physiological benefit or provide protection against chronic disease.” (From Wikipedia).

So What Does That Mean to You?
Essential nutrients, used properly, can exert positive health benefits.

Q: What is the difference between a Multinutrient and a Multivitamin, and why is yours called V1.0?
A: A multivitamin contains only vitamins. A Multinutrient contains vitamins, minerals and other essential and conditionally essential nutrients. We call our flagship product V1.0 because it is the first version of this product. We will continually improve our formula as new nutrients become available in the proper quality, quantity and cost. Each upgrade will be a new version.

So What Does That Mean to You?
A Multinutrient is a more comprehensive product. Genesis Nutriceuticals Multinutrient V1.0 was created to be easily improved as Nutriceutical research evolves.

Q: Is there a philosophy behind the creation of Genesis nutriceuticals? If so, please describe.
A: Yes. There are two major components to our philosophy. We created our flagship product, Genesis Nutriceuticals Multinutrient V1.0, to meet multiple needs in the market. First, we wanted to create a product that took into consideration quality of ingredients, sufficient quantity of each ingredient to provide a positive Nutriceutical benefit, ease of use so that multiple pills and bottles are avoided; all while being highly cost competitive. Second, and this is key; we will be formulating “Add-on” nutriceuticals. Their purpose will be to exert beneficial effects on a variety of chronic conditions. Many companies create a product for a specific condition. Unfortunately most of them contain many ingredients that are or should already be found in a Multinutrient. When you add the new Nutriceutical, you may now create a situation of potential overload of certain nutrients. For example, one well-known physician-only Nutriceutical company has, in one of their product lines, 15 zinc-containing and 18 Vitamin B6 products in their line of 53 products. None of these products contain copper. It is entirely possible that if one were taking several of these in addition to their Multinutrient, that up to 100mg of zinc could be ingested, creating toxicity and a copper deficiency. Similarly, excess Vitamin B6 may cause peripheral neuropathy. There is no reason for these nutrients to be in specialty products and you will not find them in any we produce in the future.

So What Does That Mean to You?
By taking Genesis Nutriceuticals Multinutrient V1.0, you will be assured the highest quality nutrients at absolutely the best price, with a convenient delivery system. You will not have to worry about nutrient overload and imbalance in future products, as all will be formulated to work in conjunction with Genesis Nutriceuticals Multinutrient V1.0

Q: Why is Genesis Nutriceuticals Multinutrient V1.0 in a powder, rather than a tablet or capsule?
A: Placing nutrients in tablets and capsules is a significant cost in the total price of the final product. In addition, tablets and capsules contain ingredients you don’t need, such as binders, fillers, excipients and flowing agents. These are not nutrients and some people may react adversely to these unnecessary additives. Since we have the technology to produce a Multinutrient free of unwanted ingredients, we have done so.

So What Does That Mean to You?
Very simply, cost, convenience and hypoallergenicity.

Q: Describe what the “Active Co-enzyme” form of a vitamin means?
A: Most B-vitamins found on the market are not actually biologically active in the human body, or exhibit a much lower activity. Generally they are easier and cheaper to produce. Unfortunately, intake of the inactive forms does not guarantee that they will function in a physiological manner. For example, folic acid is found in almost all B-Complex and Multinutrient supplements. It is in fact not a vitamin. It is an oxidized, synthetic version of a vitamin that may actually have detrimental effects (acceleration of cognitive decline, increased risk of some cancers and childhood asthma). The naturally occurring vitamin is folate. The only benefits of folic acid are that it is more stable, has a longer shelf life and is much cheaper (up to 80 times less expensive). Proper liver function is required to transform inactive folic acid into folate. A common genetic mutation, present in up to 5% of the population may prevent the conversion into an active form. The two natural folates, folinicin and 5-methyltetrahydrofolate (5-MTHF) are the only ones you will find in Genesis Nutriceuticals Multinutrient V1.0. The same is true for other members of the B-complex family, including riboflavin-5-phosphate, pyridoxal-5-phosphate and methylcobalamin.

So What Does That Mean to You?
By using Genesis Nutriceuticals Multinutrient V1.0, you are assured that your vitamins and minerals are in the optimal biochemical forms to maximize results.

Q: Why is there no iron or iodine in the Genesis Nutriceuticals Multinutrient V1.0?
A: A significant portion of the population not only does not require iron and iodine, but also can actually be made worse by taking them. The goal at Genesis Nutriceuticals is to improve health, not to potentially be detrimental. Iron overload may lead to hemochromotosis and hemosiderosis, especially in Caucasian males, and cause liver damage. Hashimoto’s Autoimmune Thyroiditis is the most common autoimmune disorder in the United States, affecting up to 8% of the population. Iodine supplementation may aggravate this condition. Remember that a Nutriceutical is supposed to have a physiological benefit against a chronic disease, not contribute to it. If you feel you need either iron or iodine, it would be wise to first consult with your doctor.

So What Does That Mean to You?
Genesis Nutriceuticals Multinutrient V1.0 does not contain certain nutrients that are potentially detrimental to a significant portion of the population.

Q: Do the forms of the minerals in my Multinutrient matter?
A: Yes! Many poor quality Multinutrients contain minerals in non-natural, inorganic states that are poorly absorbable. For example, calcium carbonate is found in many cheap products. This is what egg or oyster shells are made from. Try putting an oyster in water and see if it dissolves. Calcium carbonate has a very low solubility even in the acid environment of the stomach. If you lack stomach acid, it is even worse! All minerals in the Genesis Nutriceuticals Multinutrient V1.0 are in organic, highly absorbable forms.

So What Does That Mean to You?
Genesis Nutriceuticals Multinutrient V1.0 minerals are provided in forms optimized for absorption by your body.

Q: If the Genesis Nutriceuticals Multinutrient V1.0 is so great, why does it cost less than any other Multinutrient product; even ones that your comparison sheet show to be inferior products?
A: Great question! There are four simple reasons: low overhead, no middlemen, minimal paid advertising and low mark up. We spent two years searching for a manufacturing partner that met our requirements for cost and quality before locating one, so we do not have the huge cost overhead of establishing an FDA approved GMP (Good Manufacturing Processes) certified facility. We do not distribute our Nutriceuticals through anyone, thereby eliminating the middleman mark up. Our advertising is through word of mouth, through our clinic, website and the Internet, so a significant portion of overhead is eliminated. In general, most nutritional supplements and Nutriceuticals are marked up 400% from the manufacturer’s finished price to retail, as they pass from manufacturer to wholesaler, to distributor and finally to the retailer and customer. We do not have the wholesaler, distributor or retail costs associated with our product. The Genesis Nutriceuticals Multinutrient V1.0 is only sold from our clinic, so there is no added cost of operating a retail store and staff. Finally, we are small and plan on staying that way. We serve a select clientele of patients and individuals who are serious about their health. We reward our loyal patients and clients with significant discounts.

So What Does That Mean to You?
It simply means the highest quality nutrients, present in their proper biochemical forms in quantities sufficient to exert a beneficial effect when deficient, in an easy to use manner at a price below any of our competitors.

Q: I see that Genesis Nutriceuticals Multinutrient V1.0 has quite a bit of Glycine and was wondering why?
A: Yes, it contains a total of 3300 milligrams, of which about 300mg. are in the form of highly absorbable mineral glycinates and the balance is added free form amino acid Glycine. There are multiple reasons for the added. Amino acid deficiencies are very common. Glycine is probably the most common non-essential amino acid to be deficient, making it a “Conditionally Essential” amino acid, which means that under stressful conditions the body can not make enough to satisfy it’s requirements. Glycine is used in some fashion for most of the critical biochemical reactions that occur, including: in formation of bile salts for fat digestion; in Phase 2 Liver detoxification enzymatic conjugation reactions; as a direct neurotransmitter in the brain; is the most abundant amino acid in collagen (which is 1/3 Glycine); forms 10% of enzymes, transport and receptor proteins; is required for porphyrin and heme synthesis; in the formation of RNA and DNA; is one of the three amino acids in the critical antioxidant glutathione; is a precursor for other non-essential amino acids; is a direct energy source or for the synthesis of glucose; is used in the metabolic pathways of single carbon atoms; and the production of the major neurotransmitter acetylcholine. There is a relationship between low serum Glycine, depression and brain activity. The amino acid Serine is formed from Glycine. Low serine levels are associated with elevated homocysteine.

So What Does That Mean to You?
Genesis Nutriceuticals Multinutrient V1.0 contains Glycine to optimize the thousands of reactions occurring in the body that require it.

If you have a question about Genesis Nutriceuticals Multinutrient V1.0, send us an email at: and we will be happy to answer your questions.