About Genesis Nutriceuticals


Genesis Nutriceuticals (GN) is the culmination of 30 years of clinical expertise in the field of Functional and Metabolic medicine. The creator of the GN flagship product, our Multinutrient Supplement V1.0, is Dr. Douglas L. Weed. His undergraduate and graduate studies at UC Davis were in biochemistry, genetics and immunology. He received a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1979. He started his first nutritional company in 1984, Heritage Research Formulas, as a result of the lack of availability of a comprehensive Multinutrient supplement. He also worked with Joe Weider of Weider Fitness and Muscle & Fitness magazine to formulate several of his supplements and owned a premier health food store for a number of years. He recently completed a one-year course offered by Functional Medicine University.

The experience gained by treating thousands of patients over a period of more than 30 years; a background in biochemistry and an intimate knowledge of currently available nutriceuticals led Dr. Weed to conclude that the time was appropriate to re-enter the field. In his work with patients, several critical factors became obvious when recommending nutriceuticals: quality of ingredients, appropriate quantity of ingredients, ease of consumption, and price. The GN Multinutrient Supplement V1.0 addresses all these issues.

Quality of Ingredients – There are several components to quality. There should be no unnecessary binders, fillers or excipients. V1.0 contains no such unnatural compounds and is as hypoallergenic as is possible. The ingredients themselves should be pure. All ingredients in V1.0 go through stringent quality control and are routinely assayed by laboratory analysis. V1.0 is produced in an FDA approved, GMP facility. More information on Quality Assurance.

Next is the importance of the chemical structure of the individual ingredients themselves. One such example is folic acid, which is found in the vast majority of supplements on the market. Folic acid is a synthetic product, not found in the human body naturally. It is not a vitamin, but must be converted to the active form of folate. A significant number of individuals lack this ability due to a common genetic mutation of the enzyme required to do so. You will never find such an ingredient in V1.0. Please see the page “Nutriceutical Contents” for a complete discussion of the rationale for use of each ingredient that may be present in various chemical forms and why the type we use was chosen or Click Here.

Quantity of Ingredients – There are two components to quantity; amount of each included nutrient and the total number of nutrients in the formula. The primary purpose of a Multinutrient product should be to provide all essential vitamins and minerals that are required to maintain an otherwise healthy body in one product. It is meaningless to formulate a product that is lacking in essential nutrients, requiring you to buy additional products to insure that you at least meet the bare minimum requirements for each nutrient. V1.0 contains 45 separate nutrients, in sufficient quantities, more that any other product available.

Many products have a long list of individual ingredients, which look impressive; however, upon closer inspection, the quantity is insufficient to produce any significant beneficial effect. A common example is Potassium, which is found in essentially all Multinutrient formulas. Since the minimum requirement for this critical mineral is at least 3500mg for an adult, (with 4700mg being more reasonable), the inclusion of 25-50 mg. is about 1% of what is needed- in reality not very impressive. For example, Centrum and Bayer One-a-Day Maximum contain 80mg of potassium, Nature Made Maximum packets-10mg and Shaklee Vita-Lea Gold- 0mg. V1.0 contains 500mg- enough to exert a nutriceutical effect when the nutrient is deficient.

Ease of Consumption – Most Multinutrients come in tablets or capsules. It is impossible to put a sufficient quantity of ingredients into one tablet or capsule to provide all the vitamins and minerals that are required to maintain an otherwise healthy body. None of the superior products on the market do this (See the section on product comparisons for more information on this). Taking your Multinutrient in powdered form allows you to take the quantity you need in an easily consumable fashion that is more easily absorbed, while deleting unnecessary binders, fillers, excipients, coatings and capsules.

Price – Cost is a key factor in one’s ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle. High cost and difficulty of consumption (multiple pills, multiple bottles and large pills) are two important reasons people discontinue a program of nutriceuticals. By providing all essential vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients in the proper form and in the right quantity, V1.0 eliminates these two stumbling blocks. Additionally Genesis Health Institute, bypassing all middlemen, sells V1.0 direct to consumers. Please see the section “Comparisons” for more information on pricing and quantity of included nutrients or Click Here.