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Are you ready to lose weight…for good?

Have you tried before, only to be frustrated that the pounds you shed came back just as quickly after you finished the newest miracle diet plan? Anyone who’s ever tried to lose weight knows it is anything but easy. Stop guessing and find out through sophisticated tests what is keeping you from achieving your goals. If you are ready to learn the true “Secret” of permanent weight loss; break the cycle of weight loss and gain; stop wasting your valuable resources of time and money, while achieving optimal health… call us now!

At GHI, we will help you to better understand the unique challenges you face in terms of your physiology, eating habits and lifestyle and develop an implementable action plan to help you achieve your short term, long term and stretch goals.


Reading this will help you make the best decision of your life. We are happy to welcome you to our fat release program. Notice that we didn’t say “weight loss” program. If you lose something, the first thing you want to do is find it!. Once you release the fat from your body, the last thing you want is to find it back where it was! A second important point is that other weight loss programs do not distinguish between body fat and lean muscle mass. The last thing you want to do is to reduce your lean body mass. You want to increase it to keep you slim and trim. Our very affordable program offers a number of things no one else is offering. Our advanced program allows us to customize advanced Functional Medicine labs to assist maximize your results.

Let us introduce our program and let you know in more detail what it entails. We will begin by reviewing your Fat Release questionnaire, discussing with you our important findings and making recommendations. We will also review a comprehensive organ systems questionnaire to see if it holds any clues that will help you reach your goals faster.

Next we will do a weight-loss focused physical that includes body fat percentage measured by diagnostic ultrasound, body measurements, blood pressure, pulse rate, % oxygen saturation, lung volume, height and weight. We will go over your body fat results, which will allow us to set initial goals for you. We will also discuss with you any Functional Medicine Laboratory testing that you may wish to consider to enhance your results. We can also make suggestions for optional nutriceuticals that will hasten your progress.

Then we will provide you with a diet plan that has proven effective in sustained weight loss. We follow the Paleo Diet approach, for multiple reasons you will learn about in Dr. Weed’s excerpt in his forthcoming book “Why Can’t I Lose Weight? We are including the most important points of his book to better educate you on the reasons people have difficulty losing fat.  It is STRONGLY recommended that you read it before your first visit to optimize what you will learn at this appointment. We also urge you to buy the book “Practical Paleo”  and read it. Educating yourself is a critical first step in the process leading to a successful outcome. We will provide you with a 21-day diet that has daily recipes for all meals as well as a weekly shopping list, derived from Practical Paleo.

You will be provided with a Home Exercise Program and we can show you the P.A.C.E. exercise program if you are interested. We will review the correct type of exercise to optimize results. This is outlined in the booklet you will receive by Dr. Weed.

Weekly follow-up visits will hold you accountable. We expect the typical patient who strictly adheres to our program to lose 2-3 pounds per week.  You get a weekly complete Vitamin B complex sublingual boost, with a whopping 10,000 mcg of fat-burning Vitamin B12 and other fat-burning essential nutrients; weigh-ins, and nutritional counseling as needed. This will last 4-12 weeks, depending on which program you chose.

Optional services include a functional medicine consultation to assess metabolic issues that may be preventing you from losing weight; resting metabolic rate assessment; nutriceuticals to help detoxification. Weight-loss and medical meal replacement shakes are available at additional cost. Repeat body fat measurements at monthly intervals are also available to insure that you are on-track and reducing your body fat while maintaining your lean body mass.

Please let us know if you are interested in adding Lipo-Light body sculpting to your program to speed localized inch reduction. We offer special pricing for those on our fat release programs. Combining the two provides a synergistic effect, magnifying the results you will obtain from either alone in treating stubborn areas resistant to inch loss.

Optimal results are achieved through the following:

  1. A comprehensive, multifactorial clinical assessment
  2. A lifestyle assessment
  3. An evaluation of your eating habits
  4. A basal metabolic rate assessment (how many calories you burn while at rest)
  5. A body composition assessment using state -of- the -art ultrasound technology to provide you fact-based data
  6. Lab testing when indicated
  7. Development of short-term, long-term, and stretch goals
  8. Plan implementation, which includes a diet, fitness and nutriceutical regimen to meet your goals.

Our approach is simple:  One size does not fit all when it comes to health optimization and ultimately, weight loss.

Please call us today at 707-427-5000 to learn more about these life changing programs, reserve a seat at a free weight loss seminar or to schedule your first appointment.

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