Sculptra: Non-Invasive L.E.D. Body Contouring

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Our Sculptra Body Contouring program is like no other body sculpting on the planet! The Genesis Health Institute Sculptra program is proud to use the Innovate Photonics Lipo-Light, that uses  light of a specific wavelength (635nm.), that has been shown in studies to stimulate the removal of fat from adipocytes! The light emitted from multiple L.E.D.s in our units that have either 10 or 16 treatment paddles, assists with Spot Fat Reduction, Inch Loss and Body Contouring of the abdomen, love handles, thighs, hips, back, and chin. It will put the finishing touches on all of your hard work to reshape your body!

Your program is tailored to your needs and may consist of 20 to 40 minute sessions with the Lipo-Light, followed by 15 minutes whole body vibration exercises to stimulate lymphatic flow and burn calories. You may also choose to include a 20 minute cardio challenge  that will increase your metabolic rate; and finally, add 30 minutes in our infrared sauna to stimulate metabolism, increase circulation and lymphatic drainage, and liquify fat liberated from your adipocytes. We offer a variety of diet plans to promote weight loss.

You can choose from a variety os services packages: to be used as you like on the regions you wish.

Powered by Lipo-Light and Genesis Health Institute

Click on the link below for peer-reviewed research on the use of  Low Level Light Therapy for body sculpting.

Television spots on Lipo-Lasers

Laser or Light Emitting Diode (L.E.D.) Treatment- Which is Better?  (Download PDF)

I’ve tried everything. Can your Sculptra program really help?

This new technology gives you hope. Have you felt frustrated you haven’t lost those 1-5 inches – dieting and exercising? Lost hope? When you see the fat come off quickly, you will have hope and be more inspired to make the changes you know you should be making; not to mention the health benefits of losing weight.

  • Hope for people who exercise and eat right, but still have problem areas. Sculptra can spot reduce trouble areas.
  • Hope for people who diet and exercise, but still can’t lose weight, leading to loss of motivation.
  • Hope for people with cellulite to smooth out the skin

The Sculptra body contouring program can help you:

  • Reduce Fat
  • Lose Inches
  • Reduce Cellulite
  • Spot Reduce
  • Chin “Tucks” with chin fat
  • Eliminate Muffin Tops Easily and Effortlessly


Shape your Body


What it Is and Isn’t

What it’s NOT:

  • Not another Diet
  • Not Complicated
  • Not for Everyone
  • Another Gimmick
  • Surgery
  • Drugs
What it IS:
  • Effortless and Easy
  • Proven Results
  • No Brainer for Losing Inches
  • Pain Free
  • Safe

Low Level Light Therapy Works!

The study below used the Lapex Lipo-Laser, a device similar to the Innovate Photonics Lipo-Light. The Lapex is a class 3 cold laser that emits light of the same wavelength as the Lipo-Light, which uses safer L.E.D. diodes as the light source. In our experience, the Lipo-Light provides superior results as it has many more diodes and treatment paddles, imparting greater energy while covering a greater area.

This was when they only had 4 laser diodes per paddle (now there are 8) and the sessions were done twice a week over 4 weeks for 8 sessions, rather than three times a week, for 12 sessions.
Results We Have Obtained

A standard program is between 8-12 visits. Results obviously vary and depend upon multiple factors, including whether you follow our instructions; lose weight while engaged in a Sculptra program; take advantage of ancillary procedures that increase results and exercise post-treatment. A typical patient may lose between 1.25- 3.5″ in the first treatment (based upon adding a 30-minute infrared blanket session and Whole Body Vibration).


Is Lipo-Light Safe? YES!

 Yes, Lipo-Light treatments are completely non-invasive and clients feel only a pleasant warmth. Low Level Light Therapy  has been studied and used for many years for many biomedical purposes.

Do I have to do other things to lose the fat?

Only for bigger results – 1 inch without changes, 5 inches with major lifestyle changes, like diet and exercise – we have support if you choose to change your life while doing the sessions

What do you do to keep the fat off?
Normal things you need to keep weight off – diet and exercise, drinking water, etc.

Where Does the Fat Go?
That fat can be burned as energy in the body, or normal metabolic processing—just like when you exercise and release fat

How Quickly Will I See Results
Most clients see measureable results after their first session. We frequently measure reductions in abdominal girth of 1.25-3.5″ with a 20-40 minute treatment, combined with exercise and a 30-minute infrared blanket session. (Reduction is a cumulative total of three measurements made at the umbilicus, 2 inches above, and 2 inches below the umbilicus.)

What Kind of Results are Produced?
1-5 inches AVERAGE–People who make major lifestyle changes, are on the higher end of the average, and those who don’t, the lower end. How much fat do you want to lose?

What is Involved? What do I have to do?

12 sessions – 20 to 40 minutes per session (depending upon whether you use our 8 or 16 paddle unit). You relax in a comfortable position while a trained technician places paddles on the target areas you selected for treatment. Then lay back, relax, read, or whatever you like. If you want to lose more- commit to our full Sculptra program that includes diet, a brief, 20 minute exercise program to increase your metabolism, targeted nutriceuticals to accelerate weight loss, whole body vibration exercise, and infrared blanket.

When and where do I do it?  Two to three times per week for 4 to 6 weeks, in our office just off Highway 80, in Fairfield.

Who can use the Lipo-Light?
Most people can do the Lipo-Light. There are few people who cannot, and we will let you know after a consultation if you are a candidate.
What are my alternatives?
Lipo Suction Surgery
  • Cost – $4,500 to $10,000
  • 1 week off work for recovery,
  • Follow up skin removal surgery – $2,000
  • Fat gets stored in weird places after lipo
  • Risks- From scarring to death
  • Some cannot even do it because of meds
  • Lumpy and choppy results

Lap Band – Similar risks and cost to lipo – but no guaranteed results, you still have to eat less and exercise

Gastric Bypass – Similar risks and cost to lipo – but you have to eat A LOT less, and if you don’t, you could literally die from over eating.

Dangerous Drugs – Again, similar risks to lipo – but even more possible side effects. EVERY SINGLE DRUG that has ever been FDA approved, and been on the market long enough, has been riddled with long term side effects, not known when the FDA first approved it. Many have been removed from the market due to side-effects.


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