Additional Services

In addition to our three programs; Weight Loss, Body BluePrint and Sculptra Body Contouring Lipo-Laser; we offer a number of additional and ancillary services. Some of the services we provide are more fully described below. In addition to being included in each of our programs, you may select these services individually to taylor treatments to your specific needs and desires.

BODY FAT COMPOSITION USING DIAGNOSTIC ULTRASOUND- This is the only method of body fat measurement that directly measures the thickness of the layer of subcutaneous fat. As such, it is the only non-research based method (Water immersion, CT scan), that is reliable and reproducible.

Assists in Weight Loss- An infrared blanket can burn up to 600 calories in only 30 minutes. GHI uses an infrared blanket as an ancillary service to our Sculptra Laser Body Contouring program.
Reduces Cellulite- Cellulite is a gel-like substance made up of fat, water and waste. Sweating reduces cellulite by losing water, fat and aiding in detoxification.
Helps Prevent Cardiovascular Disease- Infrared blankets stimulate the cardiovascular system by increasing circulation. Heat causes blood vessels to expand so blood pressure decreases.
Detoxifies- Our bodies store toxins, many of which are fat soluble and therefore stored in fat and adipose cells. Heat of the blanket promotes excretion through sweating.
Relieves Stiffness and Joint Pain- Infrared heat is used in healing and relieving muscle and tissue injuries, such as sprains, bursitis, joint stiffness and other muscular ailments.
Strengthens the Immune System- The immune system is inhibited by toxins, which are reduced by regular use of the infrared blanket. The elevation of body temperature promotes formation of the white blood cells of the immune system.
Promotes Healthier Skin-Detoxification is great for your skin’s appearance. Impurities are removed with the toxins for a fresh skin tone. Increased blood circulation helps the healing of cuts and scrapes, rashes, scars, acne, burns, eczema and other skin imperfections.


For an in-depth discussion of the benefits of the Infrared Blanket, go to Resources>Articles> Infrared Blanket

PACE EXERCISE PROGRAM- This is a totally different exercise program that takes less than 30 minutes. Unlike hours of boring aerobic exercise, this program requires only brief periods of intense exercise. It accomplishes what aerobic exercise cannot; it increases your metabolic rate, adds lean muscle mass, increases lung capacity and increases the amount of blood the heart can pump.

RESTING METABOLIC RATE MEASUREMENT- We Use the Korr ReeVue to directly measure your individual resting metabolic rate. You burn at least 70% of your calories at rest. Other methods simply calculate an estimated number of calories you should use to run your body through a formula that uses your sex, height, weight and age. Your real energy expenditure may be significantly different, causing you to misjudge the number of calories per day you can consume without gaining weight. If you are off by only 100 calories per day, you will gain 12 pounds per year.

SPIROMETRY- This is a simple measurement of lung capacity. Recent research has shown that the quantity of air you can inhale and exhale is strongly correlated with death rates from all causes. The smaller your lung capacity, the greater your risk of death. Our PACE exercise program is capable of rapidly increasing your lung volume.

WHOLE BODY VIBRATION (WBV)- Rapid vertical vibration has many benefits. At GHI, we use WBV to strengthen muscles, rapidly burn calories, improve lymph flow and increase bone density. WBV is used as an ancillary service to our Sculptra Laser Body Contouring program.

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