Genesis Programs

Weight Loss

Are you ready to lose weight…for good?

Have you tried before, only to be frustrated that the pounds you shed came back just as fast after you finished the newest miracle diet plan? Anyone who’s ever tried to lose weight knows it is anything but easy. Stop guessing and find out through sophisticated tests what is keeping you from achieving your goals. If you are ready to learn the true “Secret” of permanent weight loss; break the cycle of weight loss and gain; stop wasting your valuable resources of time and money, while achieving optimal health… call us now!

At GHI, we will help you to better understand the unique challenges you face in terms of your physiology, eating habits and lifestyle and develop an implementable action plan to help you achieve your short term, long term and stretch goals.  This is achieved through the following:

  1. A comprehensive, multifactorial clinical assessment
  2. A lifestyle Assessment
  3. An eating habits assessment
  4. A basal metabolic rate assessment (how many calories you burn while at rest)
  5. A body composition assessment using state of the art ultrasound technology to provide you fact-based data
  6. Development of short-term, long-term, and stretch goals
  7. Plan implementation, which includes a diet, fitness and nutriceutical regimen to meet your goals.

Our approach is simple:  One size does not fit all when it comes to health optimization and ultimately weight loss.  Therefore we have several programs from which to choose:

  • 30-Day Kick-Start
  • 60-Day Executive
  • 90-Day Elite
  • 180-day Complete

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Body Blue Print

Whether we thrive or not is based on this simple formula: Ingestion + Digestion + Assimilation + Elimination…In other words we are what we eat.  The question is, “How do you come to know what is truly best for you?”  Reading.  Ok.  The Web.  Good, but quite possibly not good.  Your thinnest, most active friends?  Very often this is where you will get a heavy dose of ever-evolving, general rules of thumb (which tend to differ regionally and socio-economically).  Actually knowing what is best for YOU, requires something more.  We can show you how to figure out exactly what you need to become the best you you’ve ever known.

Our Body Blue Print Program is designed to do just that…uncover your body’s unique strengths, weaknesses and vulnerabilities through a series of comprehensive blood, hormone, and digestive tests.  The goal is to  understand the nuances of your biochemistry.  In other words, we will provide you with an “Optimal Health” cheat sheet that will apply only to you!

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“After 18-months of being lethargic and having my doctor tell me, ‘it’s because you have a family and have a high stress job’, I decided to get my Body Blue Print done.  I had hookworm!  Genesis worked with my physician to get rid of the hookworm and I’ve never felt better!”  Brooke 31

“After a lifetime of dealing with digestive issues, a friend convinced me to get my Body Blue Print done.  At 65 years of age, I found out I was allergic to eggs and had a gluten sensitivity.  I was glad there was a cause for my problem, but I was concerned about the dietary changes.  The folks at Genesis Health Institute provided me the guidance and support to make the transition manageable.  Six-weeks and twenty pounds later, I feel great!” Jim 65

Non-Invasive Laser Body Sculpting

A body sculpting program like no other, GHI’s Sculptra program will put the finishing touches on all of your hard work to get you ready for that event!  Sculptra is a non-invasive lipo-laser program is powered by the Lapex Laser and much more!

You can choose from one of two packages: 6 or 12 hours to be used in 20 minute increments as you like on the regions you wish.

Your program consists of 20 to 60 minute sessions with the laser, 10 minutes whole body vibration, a 20 minute cardio challenge and ends with 20 minutes in our infrared sauna. Results are guaranteed. If you follow the program as instructed, and you do not lose the desired inches, we will provide you additional treatments until you do!

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