About Us

Genesis Health Institute (GHI), is the culmination of over 50 years of combined clinical experience. The owners, Dr. Douglas L. Weed and James Aguilar, RPT, MBA, have previously owned private clinics specializing in Chiropractic care, Clinical Nutrition and Integrative Therapies, and Physical Rehabilitation. Both Doug and Jim realize that despite everyone’s best efforts, the current medical model does not adequately address the needs of the population who are ready, willing and able to take responsibility and be accountable for their health and wellness.  After several years of planning and development, we are pleased to launch our new, state of the art facility; Genesis Health Institute (GHI), located in Fairfield, CA.

The mission of GHI is to provide individuals a viable, success oriented, accountability-based health optimization option to the current medical model.  Through in-depth consultation we partner with you to determine your current level of health and fitness, understand your unique perceived challenges, clarify your goals, and design a program to help you achieve your optimal fitness level.

GHI specializes in creating optimal health for our patients, emphasizing our four pillars of health- detoxification, diet, proper exercise and use of targeted nutriceuticals. We use advanced Functional and Metabolic Medicine testing and treatment protocols to ascertain the unique needs for each patient. Our detoxification programs and diet are designed to promote a healthy environment within your body. Exercise is targeted to increase muscle mass and stimulate metabolism while promoting loss of fat. We use 21st Century technology to assist with weight loss.

At GHI, we focus on three programs: 1)weight loss, 2) our Body Blueprint Program for optimizing health through advanced Functional Medicine tests that provide a window into the metabolism and biochemistry of your body and, 3) Sculptra Lipo-Light Body Contouring Program that uses a non- invasive Lipo-Light machine, coupled with adjunctive 21st Century technology to promote Spot fat Reduction.

Dr. Weed received his undergraduate degrees in biochemistry and genetics from UC Davis. He pursued an advanced degree in immunology and authored a research paper before transferring to Palmer School of Chiropractic. He graduated Summa Cum Laude in 1979, finishing second in a class of over two hundred classmates. He opened a private practice in Napa, Ca., in 1980 specializing in Clinical Nutrition. In 1987, he was co-founder of the first physical rehabilitation center in the United States to be co-owned by a group of Chiropractors. He went on to co-found a number of these facilities across California, culminating in co-owning and developing with Mr. Aguilar 13 physical rehabilitation centers, one of which was in association with a large orthopedic medical group.

Dr. Weed also authored a number of articles for Muscle and Fitness magazine, formulating several nutritional products for Weider Fitness. He subsequently started his own nutritional supplement company, Heritage Research Formulas and co-owned the Golden Carrot health food store. He continued his interest in nutrition, integrative, and preventive medicine and recently completed a comprehensive post-graduate course from Functional Medicine University.  After two years of research, he has formulated the most advanced Multi-nutrient available today; Genesis Nutriceuticals Multinutrient V1.0.

Mr. Aguilar graduated Magna CumLaude from University at Buffalo with his degree in physical therapy. He subsequently completed his MBA degree at Pepperdine University. Jim initially worked in a variety of settings including brain injury, in-patient hospital, and out-patient orthopedics. Jim specialized in manual therapy, practicing in a multi-disciplinary group with top orthopedic surgeons, where he developed treatment algorithms to optimize clinical results; rehabilitating patients with all variety of musculo-skeletal complaints.  In the early 1990′s, he and Dr. Weed developed multiple outpatient orthopedic clinics and the first multi-disciplinary, out-patient physical rehabilitation center in Northern California. Jim has devoted his time and energy to the psychology of health and wellness as well as health delivery models.  Along with Dr. Weed, Jim is excited to offer the services of Genesis Health Institute to individuals seeking optimal health.